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Data collection, analysis and access

Data and information can be collected, analysed in different formats (spreadsheets of numerical data, transcripts if interviews, or description of artefacts), which will need to be summarized, interpreted and analysed before conclusion are drawn from them.

Data can be presented and accessed in different ways, using tables (diagrams, photographs, maps, graphs) or tables (lists of written or numerical information) to support the interpretation or arguments.

Improved methodologies for estimation of food stock (wheat, rice, maize and soybeans) using digital and geo-referenced technologies will be prepared, tested and validated. This activity will involve administrative data collection based on a survey of farmers, trade associations and other stakeholders to gather the necessary information.

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Nov 2017
This manual reaches out to both providers and users of data published by AMIS. For providers of data who regularly submit market information to AMIS, the manual describes how AMIS supply and demand balances are constructed. For users of data, the manual helps in interpreting balances published by AMIS and understanding why these might differ from balances published by other sources.

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