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Exchange Programme: South Africa and Viet Nam

October-December 2014

The Secretariat was joined by Douglas Mosese from South Africa and Cuc Ta Kim from Viet Nam for the first visits as part of the AMIS Exchange Programme. 

The visiting experts worked closely with the commodity experts at FAO in analysing the methodologies used in the compilation of the supply and demand balances for the AMIS commodities in South Africa and Viet Nam.

Views from participants

Douglas Mosese: I am very grateful for the opportunity offered to me to take part in the Exchange Programme; it was a great experience. The programme allowed me to acquire firsthand experience in the daily work of AMIS and also strengthened my understanding of the AMIS objectives, conventions and methodologies. The experience gained through the programme will be utilized to improve South Africa’s contribution towards the AMIS work and overall enhance working relations between South Africa and the AMIS Secretariat.

Cuc Ta Kim: Participating in the Exchange Programe has been very important for me as it strengthened my knowledge of commodity markets, especially regarding the construction of supply and demand balances. Through various interactions with the Secretariat, the AMIS experts helped me to improve the quality and timeliness of national balances. I hope that we will continue the fruitful exchange of knowledge and I would like to encourage other country focal points to participate in the programme.