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Damir Zhaksylykov of Kazakhstan proudly presenting his diploma

Untima Sangsubhan of Thailand and Efi Respati of Indonesia

Members of the AMIS Secretariat after the final presentation of the visiting experts

Exchange Programme: Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Thailand

October - December 2015

The third cycle of the AMIS Exchange Programme welcomed representatives from Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Thailand to work with the AMIS Secretariat in Rome on improving national commodity balance sheets to allow better global forecasts of AMIS.

Views from participants

Efi Respati (Centre for Agricultural Data and Information Systems, Indonesia): Calculating a commodity balance sheet seems to be a simple mathematical operation, because it essentially equates total supply to total utilization. However, finding the right data requires experience, logic and good methods to construct each element correctly. I was very fortunate to be able to come and learn from the AMIS team how to improve the balance sheets of Indonesia, and to be guided by the knowledge of the AMIS commodity experts. The Exchange Programme has been particularly helpful to better understand the data requirements of AMIS, which will help us in making the right adjustments to the information we transfer to the Secretariat. I particularly enjoyed learning about theories of price volatility, the process of global data aggregations, and the FAO Food Price Index.

Untima Sangsubhan (Office of Agricultural Economics, Thailand): Joining the Exchange Programme was a great experience for me as it built up my skills in constructing commodity balance sheets and improved my knowledge on many other topics that will help me in my future career. The very close interaction with the AMIS experts provided me with many insights that will help me guide colleagues in the Thai Ministry to apply the appropriate methodologies and techniques in order to submit more complete and accurate balance sheets. I particularly enjoyed learning about the world market situation and global price developments.

Damir Zhaksylykov (Ministry of Agriculture, Kazakhstan): The AMIS Exchange Programme has been crucial for me to better understand the work of AMIS and to learn about grain balances and forecasting methodologies. I particularly enjoyed working in a multi-cultural team of experts who helped me through numerous discussions to improve my skills as an AMIS focal point. I thank AMIS and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to have given me the opportunity to join the Programme.