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AMIS Exchange Programme

The Programme allows candidates from participating countries to work together with the AMIS Secretariat. More information

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AMIS Exchange Programme

The Exchange Programme has allowed several national focal points of the Global Food Market Information Group to work together with the AMIS Secretariat in Rome as “Visiting Experts” for a period of around two to three months. During this time, participants have gained firsthand experience in the daily work of AMIS and learned from the commodity specialists of the Secretariat how to harmonize country information for global analyses.

Objectives of the programme

The exchange programme seeks to familiarize focal points with the methodological guidance and recommended best practices identified by the Secretariat. Agreeing on specific follow-up actions once the programme is completed helps ensure that data inputs are provided according to AMIS requirements. Participation is limited to official focal points of countries, ideally those that have already worked with the Secretariat and attended previous meetings of AMIS.

Participants of the programme

South Africa and Viet Nam

October-December 2014

China and India

May-July 2015

Kazakhstan, Indonesia and Thailand

October-December 2015