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Exchange Programme: China and India

May - July 2015

During the second cycle of the AMIS Exchange Programme, participants from China and India joined the AMIS Secretariat in Rome to gain firsthand experience in global data collection and forecasting.

Views from participants

Donjie Wang (Agricultural Information Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences): It was an honour for me to participate in the AMIS Exchange Programme and a pleasant and truly memorable experience. Working together with the AMIS commodity experts deepened my understanding of the goals of AMIS, its mission and methodological conventions, which will help me to improve our national commodity balance sheets. I strongly encourage focal points from other countries to consider participating in the programme.

Battu Lal (Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Ministry of Agriculture of India): The AMIS Exchange Programme has been very beneficial for my overall skill development. It provided me with a better understanding of commodity balances and the different techniques that are used for their construction. I am now able to give feedback to my colleagues back home and to instruct them on the proper forecasting methodologies. Thanks to the Programme, I feel more competent to do the compilation of national balance sheets, to overcome challenges of global aggregation, and to provide good data to the AMIS Secretariat.