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Nov 2020
The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic triggered alarmist views on whether international markets would still have the capacity to meet demands from countries who are dependent on trade, including their food security. This paper analyses whether international food markets have been holding up since the start of the pandemic and whether countries, especially those that are economically disadvantaged and dependent on food imports, have been able to meet their dietary needs through international trade.
Oct 2013
The tide of financial flows into commodities markets, seemingly unstoppable over the past decade, appears to be ebbing. The simplest explanation for the cooling commodities enthusiasm is a significant price [...]
Oct 2012
AMIS Research Paper No. 1 addresses the challenge of how best to utilize available global information in order to strengthen global capacity to issue early warnings of possible price volatility, and [...]
Oct 2012
The monitoring of global markets requires a close watch of crop development in each country/region during the growing season. It is for this reason that an easy-to-use crop calendar covering [...]
Nov 2011
Greater understanding of global markets is one of the main objectives of AMIS. For this reason, identifying indicators which can signal changing market conditions on a timely basis will be [...]
Nov 2011
During the periods of global food crisis and price spikes that have occurred since mid-2007, there have been reports of widespread price rises across the world. Changes in domestic prices [...]
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