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Apr 2020
FAO is analysing and providing updates on the emerging COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on agricultural markets—effects that are still largely unknown. Most current assessments generally foresee a contraction in both supply of and demand for agricultural products, and point to possible disruptions in trade and logistics. On the supply side, widely different views remain on the duration of the shocks, the price dynamics, differential impacts between domestic and international markets, differences across countries and commodities, the likely paths of recovery, and the policy actions to remedy the various shock waves. On the demand side, there is near ubiquitous agreement that agricultural demand and [...]
Feb 2016
Forecasting crop production is an important dimension when monitoring agricultural markets. Over time, forecasting techniques have evolved, as has agriculture itself and the specifications of the forecasts that are needed. [...]
Sep 2015
This presentation explains the logic behind some of the technical charts that are published in the AMIS Market Monitor. Specifically, it describes the Commitments of Traders charts that visualize the volume [...]
Jun 2015
AMIS Secretary, Mr. Abdolreza Abbassian, presented the "World Grain Market Situation and Outlook - An AMIS Perspective" at this year's IGC Grains Conference in London, 9 June 2015. Questions discussed [...]
Oct 2014
At the fourth Session of the AMIS Global Food Market Information Group, which was held in Rome in October 2013, the Group requested the AMIS Secretariat to undertake a closer examination [...]
Sep 2014
Feed use accounts for about a third of world consumption of cereals. Despite its significance, feed utilization is a largely unknown component in supply and demand balances. Within the framework [...]
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