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FAO Office of Evaluation
2 October 2017

The Evaluation of the financial support by the World Bank Group with the Development Grant Facility to support the “Partnership for Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS)” was conducted in 2016-2017. The objectives, outcomes and activities of the DGF Partnership were relevant and aligned to the higher order goal of improving transparency of the global agriculture markets. It was recognized that not many other initiatives allow this kind of partnership and technical exchange among the member international organizations. The added value of AMIS products, as expressed by respondents, is linked to their perceptions of the reliability of the data sources and information sharing on methodologies used. The evaluation assessed that the DGF resources were used economically and the initiative also leveraged additional resources during the DGF implementation period. The DGF funding, by being well aligned with core AMIS needs and mobilized in a timely way, has been able to reach the Bank’s objective of “catalyzing partnerships through convening and building coalitions, and raising funds”. It made a direct contribution to AMIS by strengthening the Secretariat and its functions, achievements that can be maintained on the condition that other sources of funding are mobilized.