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15 Nov 2019
The multilateral trading system faces a momentous reform objective as it heads towards next year’s WTO Ministerial Conference in June. With the objective of establishing “a fair and market-oriented agricultural trading system", a range of policy domains relevant [...]
05 Oct 2018
For fifteen years, US farmers have responded to China’s inexorable demand for soybeans by nearly doubling their output of the oilseed, even as other countries eagerly joined the soybean production race. While the flow of US soybean sales [...]
06 Sep 2018
Current El Niño Southern Oscillation conditions are neutral. Models indicate that a weak to moderate strength El Niño may develop during the northern hemisphere 2018 fall season and be present through the northern hemisphere 2018/19 winter (60-70 percent [...]
06 Sep 2018
As the 2017/18 season gradually unfolds, it is becoming increasingly clear that agricultural markets are in rougher shape than in previous years. Several factors are at play. While policy developments such as the US-China trade dispute have loomed [...]
02 Aug 2018
Wheat harvests are wrapping up amid excessive hot and dry weather in many regions, which has sharply reduced production forecasts. These developments confirm earlier concerns that wheat markets are heading for tighter conditions in the 2018/19 marketing season, [...]
05 Jul 2018
Recent trade tensions between the United States and several of its trading partners, most notably China, have threatened to spill over into global commodity markets and disrupt trade flows and market prices. While many agricultural commodities are potentially [...]