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19 Jul 2022
The inability of Ukraine to export from its Black Sea ports has sharply reduced grain shipments from one of the breadbaskets of the world, sending shockwaves through international food markets and sparking global food security concerns. While some [...]
05 Nov 2021
Fertilizer prices have increased sharply over the past twelve months, putting further upward pressure on food prices. The price spike has been dramatic for all types of chemical fertilizers, with prices for ammonia, urea, and DAP up by [...]
12 Oct 2021
Poor weather conditions hit wheat crops particularly hard this season in several key producing countries. Not surprisingly, therefore, global wheat inventories could fall below opening levels in the 2021/22 marketing season. With most of the drawdowns concentrated in [...]
16 Sep 2021
Member organizations of the AMIS Secretariat discussed the future of AMIS and the initiative's strategic direction at yesterday's meeting of the AMIS Secretariat Steering Committee. Held exactly ten years after the initiative's official launch on 15-16 September 2011, [...]
29 Jul 2021
With the outbreak of COVID-19, food systems have been exposed to an unprecedented external shock as the pandemic has impacted different segments of the global value chain. Overall, the agriculture sector has demonstrated its resilience to provide sufficient, [...]
07 Jun 2021
Higher prices year-on-year across a broad spectrum of goods and services have raised concerns about inflationary pressures within the agricultural sector. The May FAO Food Price Index revealed a steep appreciation, reporting a 30.8 percent rise compared to [...]