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08 Oct 2020
According to this month’s report, production prospects for all AMIS crops are favourable, with some even heading for record output levels. Specifically, world maize output is expected to exceed the high 2019 level to a new record while [...]
12 Sep 2019
According to latest projections by OECD and FAO, food supply growth over the next ten years will modestly outpace demand growth. Not surprisingly, therefore, real prices for most crops and livestock commodities are expected to decline, in the [...]
20 Aug 2019
Watch an interview with the Secretary of AMIS, Mr. Abdolreza Abbassian, on the implications of bilateralism on international grain markets.
08 Jul 2019
Commodity markets seem to have stabilized following a boom that began in the early 2000s. The new average price level for most commodities is expected to be slightly higher than the pre-boom stable level but much lower than [...]
07 Jun 2019
An abnormally wet spring has delayed plantings across much of the United States, and planting progress for maize and soybeans is at historically low levels. If these delays continue, global feed grain supplies could be significantly reduced in [...]
31 May 2019
The Crop Monitor of the Group on Earth Observations Global Agricultural Monitoring (GEOGLAM) initiative provides a public good of open, timely, science-driven information on crop conditions in support of market transparency. A new article, to be published in [...]