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07 Dec 2020
Early in the COVID-19 outbreak, there were concerns that the health crisis would develop into a large-scale food crisis similar to the 2007-08 food price crisis, when panic buying and counterproductive policies exacerbated initial supply disruptions. While food [...]
20 Dec 2019
World maritime transport lost momentum last year, expanding at a rate below the historical average. Nearly 2 percent of maritime trade was affected by tariffs escalations (September 2018 to May 2019), especially grain, containerized trade and steel products, [...]
27 Nov 2019
Check out the latest supply and demand data of wheat, maize, rice and soybeans. Apart from running your custom query, you can consult a country's entire commodity balance and compare AMIS numbers with those of other global data [...]
15 Nov 2019
The multilateral trading system faces a momentous reform objective as it heads towards next year’s WTO Ministerial Conference in June. With the objective of establishing “a fair and market-oriented agricultural trading system", a range of policy domains relevant [...]
16 Oct 2019
Upon the invitation of the current Chair of AMIS (Brazil) the 16th session of the AMIS Global Food Market Information Group was held in Rio de Janeiro at the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV). During a packed two days [...]
12 Sep 2019
According to latest projections by OECD and FAO, food supply growth over the next ten years will modestly outpace demand growth. Not surprisingly, therefore, real prices for most crops and livestock commodities are expected to decline, in the [...]