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19 Jul 2022
The inability of Ukraine to export from its Black Sea ports has sharply reduced grain shipments from one of the breadbaskets of the world, sending shockwaves through international food markets and sparking global food security concerns. While some [...]
05 Mar 2022
In line with the agreed mandate of the G20 Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS), we agree to continue sharing reliable data and information on global food market developments and stress the importance of ensuring the smooth functioning of [...]
01 Mar 2022
In view of the abrupt escalation of developments in the Black Sea region, I call on all parties to keep food and agriculture markets sheltered from this conflict. As leading producers and exporters of cereals, the Russian Federation [...]
01 Mar 2022
The escalating tensions in the Black Sea region have heaped fresh risks on global food markets already struggling with soaring prices, supply-chain disruptions, and a bumpy recovery from the pandemic. Before the crisis, overall conditions in markets for [...]
25 Feb 2022
The unfolding crisis in Ukraine comes at a moment when global food markets are already struggling with soaring prices, supply-chain disruptions and the continuing fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. International grains and oilseeds markets will be particularly affected, considering [...]
10 Feb 2022
Those familiar with the AMIS Market Monitor will have noticed that the first report of 2022 introduced some novelties. Apart from having a new design and layout, the report also features a revamped section dedicated to developments in [...]