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19 Jul 2022
The inability of Ukraine to export from its Black Sea ports has sharply reduced grain shipments from one of the breadbaskets of the world, sending shockwaves through international food markets and sparking global food security concerns. While some [...]
11 May 2015
At this year's G20 Agriculture Ministers Meeting in Istanbul, 7-8 May 2015, participants committed themselves to strengthen market transparency through deeper and stronger collaboration in AMIS. The final communiqué recognizes AMIS as a "particularly successful initiative" that warrants continuing support [...]
01 Dec 2014
FAO mission was organized in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to meet with Officials from the Government and to agree on and design the upcoming AMIS support proposal. Consultative meetings were organized with all relevant stakeholders, including international partners supporting the [...]
01 Oct 2013
As part of the Transfer of Knowledge and Capacity Building activity of AMIS, Japan has supported an FAO project to strengthen agricultural market information in Thailand and the Philippines, specifically focusing on methodological improvements in the estimation of rice [...]
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