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08 Oct 2020
According to this month’s report, production prospects for all AMIS crops are favourable, with some even heading for record output levels. Specifically, world maize output is expected to exceed the high 2019 level to a new record while [...]
03 Apr 2020
Joint statement of the outgoing and incoming AMIS Chairs: Marcelo Fernandes Guimarães of Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture and Anastassios Haniotis of the European Commission. The rapid spread of COVID-19 poses a serious challenge to global food security. This challenge [...]
02 Apr 2020
While the impact of the coronavirus crisis on global food markets has so far been limited, the pandemic poses a serious threat to food security at local level. According to official statistics, the virus has not yet spread [...]
20 Mar 2020
In view of the many uncertainties regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the AMIS Secretariat Steering Committee convened a virtual extraordinary meeting on 19 March to discuss possible implications for global food markets. While previous crisis situations of global food markets have [...]
05 Mar 2020
After only two months since the first reported outbreak of a novel coronavirus in Wuhan, a city of 11 million in China’s central province of Hubei, it has already spread to almost 80 countries worldwide (according to the [...]
13 Feb 2020
Forward curves are an important instrument in supply and demand analysis. They are constructed by drawing a line along the sequence of futures contract price quotations, typically proceeding forward for about 18 to 24 months from the spot [...]