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15 Nov 2019
The multilateral trading system faces a momentous reform objective as it heads towards next year’s WTO Ministerial Conference in June. With the objective of establishing “a fair and market-oriented agricultural trading system", a range of policy domains relevant [...]
23 Jun 2015
Last night, the latest EU Sentinel satellite was sent up to space from French Guiana. Sentinel-2A will improve global agricultural monitoring by providing global coverage at 10-20 m resolution. Together with the Sentinel-1A SAR sensor (operational since October 2014) [...]
17 Jun 2015
AMIS Secretary, Mr. Abdolreza Abbassian, presented the "World Grain Market Situation and Outlook - An AMIS Perspective" at this year's IGC Grains Conference in London, 9 June 2015. Questions discussed at the conference included: What is the impact of [...]
13 May 2015
Earlier this week, the AMIS Secretariat was joined by two new participants of the AMIS Exchange Programme. Mr. Dongjie Wang from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Mr. Battu Lal from the Directorate of Economics & Statistics of the Indian [...]
11 May 2015
At this year's G20 Agriculture Ministers Meeting in Istanbul, 7-8 May 2015, participants committed themselves to strengthen market transparency through deeper and stronger collaboration in AMIS. The final communiqué recognizes AMIS as a "particularly successful initiative" that warrants continuing support [...]
01 Dec 2014
FAO mission was organized in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to meet with Officials from the Government and to agree on and design the upcoming AMIS support proposal. Consultative meetings were organized with all relevant stakeholders, including international partners supporting the [...]