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14 May 2020
As COVID-19 spreads around the globe, fears are mounting that food supplies may start running short. While we should take these concerns seriously, they should not be overstated either, especially in the case of basic staples. As noted [...]
16 Dec 2015
Efi Respati of Indonesia and Untima Sangsubhan of Thailand successfully completed the third cycle of the AMIS Exchange Programme. Earlier this year, Damir Zhaksylykov of Kazakhstan had already received his diploma after completing a condensed curriculum. For the AMIS Secretariat and [...]
15 Dec 2015
Release of the official video of the first AMIS Food Outlook Conference, Expo Milan, 19 October 2015.   
24 Nov 2015
The current strong El Niño is forecast to peak around the beginning of 2016, to remain strong throughout the southern hemisphere summer season, and to dissipate finally by mid-year. This portends a second year of drought in South [...]
20 Nov 2015
Damir Zhaksylykov, national focal point of Kazakhstan to AMIS, successfully completed a training on grain market analysis today, 20 November 2015. The one-month training was delivered under an FAO-EBRD project on "Enhancing Grain Market Transparency in Kazakhstan", in the framework [...]
19 Oct 2015
AMIS organized a special event on the "Food Market Outlook - An AMIS Perspective for 2015/16" at Expo Milan on Monday, 19 October 2015. Leading experts from AMIS participating countries presented the outlook for global wheat, maize, rice [...]