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11 Apr 2019
Freight markets slumped earlier this year as disappointing spot demand and concerns about weakening global economic growth dashed expectations for a strong start to the season. The Baltic Dry Index (BDI), which is a benchmark for costs across [...]
04 Apr 2019
The latest edition of the AMIS Market Monitor sees overall trends in world supply and demand for the four AMIS crops broadly unchanged from previous months, with global food commodity markets remaining well-supplied. While export availabilities for 2018/19 [...]
11 Mar 2019
FAO-AMIS foresees global wheat production to strongly recover from last year, rising by 4.0 percent, to 757.4 million tonnes in 2019. This would be close to the record crop of 2017, with the bulk of the recovery originating [...]
27 Feb 2019
A new data dashboard provides a quick overview of the global food market situation. Explore key indicators such as world production, utilization and stocks or find out the biggest importers and exporters of the four AMIS crops: wheat, [...]
26 Feb 2019
Taking advantage of their presence in Geneva for the 8th session of the Rapid Response Forum, members of the AMIS Secretariat participated in a side event to the WTO Committee on Agriculture to promote closer dialogue between both [...]
14 Dec 2018
China has revised its grain production estimates. This is not an unusual move, neither for China nor for any other country. The revisions emanated from the 2017 census, the results of which have recently been released by the [...]
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