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07 Jun 2021
Higher prices year-on-year across a broad spectrum of goods and services have raised concerns about inflationary pressures within the agricultural sector. The May FAO Food Price Index revealed a steep appreciation, reporting a 30.8 percent rise compared to [...]
03 Jun 2021
Despite an overall favourable production outlook, global supplies of AMIS crops could still prove vulnerable in 2021/22, in particular because of uncertainties relating to demand from the feed and industrial sectors. The month of May registered yet another [...]
10 May 2021
At its 21 April meeting, the AMIS Rapid Response Forum (RRF) took stock of the uncertain economic and trade environment caused by the year-long global pandemic. For 2021, the latest IMF estimates point to a 6 per cent [...]
05 May 2021
The storage of grains has an important food security dimension. A new AMIS paper reviews recent trends in grain stockholding; discusses the two main purposes for holding stocks; describes the difficulties in measuring stocks, especially as regards deriving [...]
22 Apr 2021
Mexico will be the new Chair of AMIS, taking over responsibilities from the European Union at the next meeting of the Global Food Market Information Group in June. Represented through Ms. Adriana Herrera, Mexico was unanimously elected by [...]
12 Apr 2021
One year ago, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. With about 130 million infections to date, and a death toll that is fast approaching 3 million people, there is little cause for celebrations. While the [...]
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