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12 Jul 2017
Having reliable forecasts of food production remains a major challenge in many countries. A new AMIS publication provides an extensive literature review of recent practices and advances in the area of crop yield forecasting at farm and parcel [...]
10 Jul 2017
To help achieve global food security, heads of state and government from the world’s leading economies recognize the crucial role of functioning and transparent global commodity markets. In the G20 leaders’ declaration, signed on 8 July in Hamburg, Germany, [...]
06 Jul 2017
According to the latest edition of the AMIS Market Monitor, the outlook for AMIS crops in 2017/18 remains positive. Global maize markets are expected to be particularly well supplied given record harvests in the southern hemisphere. Prospects for rice [...]
28 Jun 2017
Mr. Jesús María Silveyra of Argentina (right) is the new AMIS Chair. Mr. Silveyra took over the Chairmanship from Mr. Friedrich Wacker of Germany (left) during the 11th Session of the Global Food Market Information Group, 22-23 June [...]
02 Jun 2017
As part of its AMIS capacity building work, FAO released a comprehensive review of the available literature on how to build an agricultural market information system. The review discusses the rationale and background of market information systems as [...]
01 Jun 2017
Nigeria was handed over a Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) system to improve its data collection on agriculture during an official ceremony on 31 May 2017 in Abuja. The system was jointly developed by AMIS and the Food [...]
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