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04 Mar 2021
Production forecasts for all AMIS crops have been scaled up since last month. However, continued brisk trade activity and strong demand have kept international prices generally elevated near their January highs. With maize production estimates for 2020/21 becoming [...]
24 Feb 2021
After decades of progress, hunger has been on the rise in recent years. Amidst a growing number of conflicts, accelerating climate change and economic slowdowns the number of chronically undernourished in the world climbed to almost 690 million [...]
07 Dec 2020
Early in the COVID-19 outbreak, there were concerns that the health crisis would develop into a large-scale food crisis similar to the 2007-08 food price crisis, when panic buying and counterproductive policies exacerbated initial supply disruptions. While food [...]
01 Dec 2020
The Italian G20 Presidency started today, 1 December 2020. Over the course of a year, Italy will host a large number of institutional meetings and special events dedicated to the major issues of the global agenda, which will [...]
06 Nov 2020
The structure of the international trading system has undergone fundamental changes, with a recent shift from global approaches to more restricted or geographically limited trading regimes. Despite these changes, the agricultural sector has demonstrated an astonishing capacity to [...]
30 Oct 2020
This year for the first time, AMIS teams up with Global Grain Geneva to present latest developments and the AMIS outlook for global food commodity markets in an online conference open to the public. While discussions of the international [...]
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