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06 Apr 2017
The latest edition of the AMIS Market Monitor sees continued stability in global food markets. Based on the first AMIS projections for the 2017/18 marketing season, the supply and demand situation for wheat, maize and rice looks comfortable. [...]
30 Mar 2017
Prices of food crops are naturally volatile as their supply depends on unpredictable factors such as weather. While volatility is not a problem per se, excessive price movements in global markets can pose a threat to world food [...]
22 Mar 2017
A new AMIS publication provides guidance on measuring grain reserves. Reliable stocks data help decision makers understand food availability, plan the necessary interventions on market stabilization, and address issues related to food insecurity. Helping countries produce better stocks [...]
01 Mar 2017
Argentina will be the next Chair of AMIS, taking over from Germany at the end of the forthcoming meeting of the Global Food Market Information Group in June 2017. The country was elected at the 6th Session of [...]
09 Dec 2016
According to the December 2016 edition of the AMIS Market Monitor, La Niña conditions are established in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. They are anticipated to persist through January 2017, followed by transition to a neutral state. Consistent with this, [...]
07 Oct 2016
Speaking at a side event of FAO's Committee on Commodity Problems, the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Ms. Olena Kovalova, praised AMIS for providing the first global forecasts already in April of each year. [...]
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