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13 Feb 2020
Forward curves are an important instrument in supply and demand analysis. They are constructed by drawing a line along the sequence of futures contract price quotations, typically proceeding forward for about 18 to 24 months from the spot [...]
06 Feb 2020
Global food markets are in the midst of an exceptionally eventful period in terms of both scale and scope. The recently reached US-China “phase-one” trade and investment agreement has fuelled expectations of a resumption of large US exports [...]
03 Feb 2020
The European Union was elected as the next AMIS Chair at the 9th Session of the AMIS Rapid Response Forum. Represented through Dr Tassos Haniotis, a long-time supporter of AMIS who has been part of the initiative since [...]
20 Dec 2019
World maritime transport lost momentum last year, expanding at a rate below the historical average. Nearly 2 percent of maritime trade was affected by tariffs escalations (September 2018 to May 2019), especially grain, containerized trade and steel products, [...]
27 Nov 2019
Check out the latest supply and demand data of wheat, maize, rice and soybeans. Apart from running your custom query, you can consult a country's entire commodity balance and compare AMIS numbers with those of other global data [...]
15 Nov 2019
The multilateral trading system faces a momentous reform objective as it heads towards next year’s WTO Ministerial Conference in June. With the objective of establishing “a fair and market-oriented agricultural trading system", a range of policy domains relevant [...]
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