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G20 leaders send strong message in support of AMIS

10 Jul 2017

To help achieve global food security, heads of state and government from the world’s leading economies recognize the crucial role of functioning and transparent global commodity markets.

In the G20 leaders’ declaration, signed on 8 July in Hamburg, Germany, they said: "To enhance transparency in global food markets, we call for a strengthening of the Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) and an active engagement of its entire membership. We underline that making markets function better can contribute to reducing food price volatility and enhance food security. It is vital for farmers to be profitable and, along with consumers, have access to national, regional and international markets".

The Chairman of AMIS, Mr. Jesús Silveyra from Argentina, welcomes this strong signal for active engagement by AMIS members. He calls on all participating countries to work together in the continuous effort to give accurate and timely information to enhance market transparency and strengthen global food security.