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AMIS - WTO Dialogue

26 Feb 2019

Taking advantage of their presence in Geneva for the 8th session of the Rapid Response Forum, members of the AMIS Secretariat participated in a side event to the WTO Committee on Agriculture to promote closer dialogue between both entities. The event, which was attended by some 100 country delegates, aimed at identifying common interests, synergies and possible collaborative frameworks.

An interactive question and answer session explored current and possible future areas of cooperation, including: the monitoring of global food markets; efforts to measure food grain stocks; the monitoring of domestic and trade policies in AMIS commodities; and mechanisms to address food market turbulences and price volatility through enhanced transparency. A special invitation went out to WTO delegates from AMIS participating countries to work closely with their respective national focal points to AMIS, for example by sharing relevant policy changes and trade policy developments that might impact on global food markets.