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Risk of La Niña remains elevated

05 Mar 2018

A La Niña Advisory has been in effect since November 2017, and the probability of persistence through March is about 60 percent, double the typical probability for that month of the year. Thereafter, La Niña conditions are expected to dissipate to a neutral state.

Associated with the event, drier than normal conditions currently prevail in southwest Asia, southeastern South America, eastern China, and the southern US. Atypically for a La Niña event, areas of Southern Africa experienced an extended dry spell (late December until the beginning of February) in the heart of the season, though widespread abundant rain has come in recent weeks. Crops may not recover, however, and there are significant areas that did not receive the late rains. Though northern South America is frequently wetter than normal with La Niña, conditions in late 2017- early 2018 have been drier than average. Wetter than normal conditions, as expected, have been experienced in Central America and the Caribbean, and in Southeast Asia.