Message of the AMIS Chair

01 Mar 2022

In view of the abrupt escalation of developments in the Black Sea region, I call on all parties to keep food and agriculture markets sheltered from this conflict. As leading producers and exporters of cereals, the Russian Federation and Ukraine are crucial players for safeguarding global food security.

The crisis comes at a moment when international food markets are already struggling with soaring prices and the continuing fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from causing humanitarian hardship in the region itself, the crisis risks jeopardizing the food security of millions of people around the world who depend on affordable food from international markets for their daily subsistence.

In my capacity as Chair of the G20 Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS), which includes all the parties involved in this conflict, I urge all members to: (i) Refrain from any actions that would negatively affect global food trade flows, including sanctions, blockages and trade restrictions; and (ii) Ensure that food and agriculture markets around the world have adequate access to global supplies, particularly those in low-income food import-dependent countries.

I reaffirm the strong commitment of AMIS to providing timely and accurate information on global food supplies and to promoting policy dialogue and coordination among the main players in global food markets, especially in times of market uncertainty such as these. To this end, I have decided to convene a meeting shortly with all AMIS participants to review the situation and discuss appropriate follow-up actions.

Adriana Herrera, Chair of AMIS