17 Jun 2015

AMIS Secretary, Mr. Abdolreza Abbassian, presented the "World Grain Market Situation and Outlook - An AMIS Perspective" at this year's IGC Grains Conference in London, 9 June 2015. Questions discussed at the conference included:

  • What is the impact of a strong US dollar, low oil prices and export curbs?

  • What are the prospects for production and trade in the Black Sea region?

  • How will the industry be impacted by climate change and address increasingly scarce water resources?

  • What is the outlook for supply and demand, trade and prices for 2015/16?

For more information on the conference, visit the IGC website.

13 May 2015

Earlier this week, the AMIS Secretariat was joined by two new participants of the AMIS Exchange Programme. Mr. Dongjie Wang from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Mr. Battu Lal from the Directorate of Economics & Statistics of the Indian Ministry of Agriculture will work together with the AMIS Secretariat in Rome as “Visiting Experts”.

During their stay, both participants will gain firsthand experience in the daily work of AMIS and work together with the commodity specialists of the Secretariat, learning about the difficulties in harmonizing information and familiarizing themselves with the methodological guidelines and recommended best practices identified by the Secretariat.

For more information, click here.

11 May 2015

At this year's G20 Agriculture Ministers Meeting in Istanbul, 7-8 May 2015, participants committed themselves to strengthen market transparency through deeper and stronger collaboration in AMIS. The final communiqué recognizes AMIS as a "particularly successful initiative" that warrants continuing support of the G20. Participants confirmed they were dedicated to materially improve global data "by disclosing regular, reliable, accurate, timely and comparable data" and  encouraged "the Rapid Response Forum to address challenges in global agriculture and food security."

The Final Communique can be accessed on the G20 website here.

01 Dec 2014

FAO mission was organized in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to meet with Officials from the Government and to agree on and design the upcoming AMIS support proposal. Consultative meetings were organized with all relevant stakeholders, including international partners supporting the national agricultural statistical system.

The AMIS support proposal for Bangladesh was submitted a few weeks later for the Government final endorsed, which was confirmed a few weeks later. Support will be provided in the following areas:

  1. Assessment of crop production estimation
  2. Strengthening the system of periodic crop monitoring and forecasting
  3. Generating estimates of food grain stocks

Implementation will start immediately. A wide range of relevant national agencies and ministries will be involved in the project activities.

01 Oct 2013

As part of the Transfer of Knowledge and Capacity Building activity of AMIS, Japan has supported an FAO project to strengthen agricultural market information in Thailand and the Philippines, specifically focusing on methodological improvements in the estimation of rice supply and demand.

This project is the continuation of the successful implementation of the AMIS initiative to support building capacity to produce reliable and timely statistics essential for improving global food market information system in AMIS countries.

Thailand endorsed the implementation of a three year project, which aims to collect best practices and relevant methodologies for estimating rice production, yield and stocks. The implementing project team is also committed to provide training to staff in NSO and ministries of agriculture in accessing and applying improved methodologies in proposed AMIS data production initiatives.


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