Policy Developments - Maize

last release: July 2021

  • On 7 June, the EU notified the WTO of the extension of import requirements to prevent the spread of fall armyworm in maize up until 30 June 2023. (G/SPS/N/EU/493)
  • On 10 June, Mexico's National Farm Council reported delays of up to two years in the issuance of import permits for GMO maize by the national sanitary protection agency (COFEPRIS).
  • On 9 June, the UK notified the WTO of the introduction of new risk targeted import inspection procedures. These guidelines were developed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Plant Health Services to allow for lower levels of checks of regulated plant health goods and lower risk plant goods, including maize. (G/SPS/N/GBR/9, deadline for comments 8 August)