About AMIS indicators

AMIS promotes a better understanding of developments in global food markets. A central task in this regard is to monitor market and policy drivers that impact on global food prices and their volatility.

What do the IGC Price Indices measure?

The daily IGC Grains and Oilseeds Index is comprised of the AMIS commodities plus barley, sorghum, and rapeseed/canola. With January 2000 taken as its base, component weightings are based on their five-year average share of the total trade of all commodities considered. The sub-indices for wheat, maize, rice and soybeans are based on daily price quotations from several official and trade sources.

Prices and price volatility

Providing information on international commodity prices is key to AMIS’s mission of monitoring global food markets. International commodity prices might indicate changes in supply and demand in major producing and consuming countries, or signal policy actions, such as a tightening of trade measures or changes in governmental purchase and stocking regimes, which have proved to be important drivers of food prices and food price volatility at global level.

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