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last release: Oct 2014

Crop Monitor

Map description

Map description

The crop condition map, kindly provided by the GEO Global Agricultural Monitoring initiative (GEOGLAM), synthesizes information for all four AMIS crops in major growing areas. Assessments are based on a combination of national and regional crop analyst inputs along with earth observation data. Crops that are in less than favourable conditions are displayed on the map with their crop symbol.


  • Wheat: Conditions remain mostly favourable. In the northern hemisphere, the spring wheat season is coming to a close and winter wheat planting has begun. In Kazakhstan, Russia, US and China spring wheat conditions remain generally favourable. In Canada, spring wheat conditions have deteriorated due to ongoing excess of moisture, cool conditions and frost damage. In the southern hemisphere, wheat is mostly in vegetative to reproductive stages. In Australia, conditions remain mixed and overall yield prospects are reduced. Slightly warmer temperatures and below normal precipitation exacerbated crop deterioration in southern growing regions. In contrast, recent rainfall across Western Australia and central Queensland benefited late planted crops. Timely rainfall will be critical for sustaining crops through to harvest. In South Africa, Brazil, and Argentina conditions remain favourable though there is still some concern due to excess rainfall in parts of Argentina.
  • Maize: Overall conditions remain favourable. In the northern hemisphere, conditions remain very good in the US and good in the EU owing to favourable weather. In China, concern remains due to earlier dry and hot weather. In Russia concern remains over the central region and in Ukraine conditions have improved. In Mexico conditions remain generally favourable. In the southern hemisphere, planting has begun and conditions are favourable in Brazil and Argentina.
  • Rice: Conditions remain favourable. In India, conditions are mostly favourable and the crop is in vegetative to reproductive stages. In Indonesia and Thailand conditions are favourable, however, some concern remains over excess moisture in Thailand. In China, conditions are favourable. However, there is some concern over excess moisture due to Typhoon Kalmaegi. In Viet Nam, conditions are good however total planted area is down relative to last year.
  • Soybeans: Overall conditions are very good primarily owing to the US crop. In the northern hemisphere a record crop is expected in the US owing to good weather and increased area. In China, conditions are generally favourable though concern remains due to earlier dry conditions in parts of the northeaster growing region. In Canada, conditions remain mixed due to the ongoing cool and wet weather and recent frost events. In the southern hemisphere the planting season has begun in Brazil under favourable conditions.