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CCP Side Event: AMIS - Experiences and lessons learnt

06 Oct 2016

This meeting, which was organized as a Side Event to the 71st Session of the FAO Committee on Commodity Problems (CCP), provided an opportunity to reflect on the first five years of the AMIS initiative. Several member organizations of the AMIS Secretariat and participating countries shared their experiences and lessons learnt in working together for enhanced market transparency, especially to inform those CCP members that are not part of AMIS.

The meeting was opened by Ms. Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle, Director General in the French Ministry of Agriculture, who reminded the audience that AMIS was created in 2011 as part of the G20 Action Plan on Food Price Volatility and Agriculture under the French Presidency of the G20. Ms. Geslain-Lanéelle expressed appreciation of France for the good progress achieved so far and reconfirmed her country's commitment to make AMIS a success.

For a broad overview of AMIS, the multi-agency Secretariat provided several examples on how the initiative operates. FAO as the hosting organization of the Secretariat explained the structure and objectives of AMIS and reviewed the main achievements over the past five years (click here for presentation). OECD and WTO explained how International Organizations collaborate in the Secretariat, using the policy monitoring work of AMIS as an example (click here for presentation). IFPRI focused on efforts to detect market risk, explaining that close collaboration and dialogue with countries has already helped to defuse potential crisis in the past (click here for statement). Lastly, GEOGLAM presented work on assessing crop growing conditions in the framework of the AMIS Market Monitor (click here for presentation).

Most importantly, the event gave voice to countries to express their experiences in working with AMIS.

  • Brazil highlighted the positive effects of AMIS to encourage internal collaboration between the various government agencies involved in market monitoring and the learning effect of working with the AMIS Secretariat (see presentation).
  • Canada focused on the fruitful exchanges with other countries during meetings of the Global Food Market Information Group and the important achievements in research (see statement).
  • The European Union explained several innovations that have taken place since the inception of AMIS, which have enhanced available market information in the EU, including a more frequent monitoring of the common agricultural market and a broader dissemination of data (see presentation).
  • South Africa highlighted the important aspect of capacity development through AMIS, for example in the framework of the AMIS Exchange Programme (see presentation).
  • Finally, the Ukraine - represented by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture - congratulated AMIS for five years of successful work and particularly welcomed that AMIS releases the first global forecasts ahead of other international data providers (see statement).

Before opening for questions and answers, Ms. Ann Berg, the Secretariat's expert for futures markets, provided a trader's perspective on AMIS, explaining why the monitoring of futures markets can help identify price trends and potential crisis situations (see presentation).

The current Chair of AMIS, Mr. Friedrich Wacker of the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture, closed the meeting, reminding everybody of the initiative's important mission of continuously enhancing market transparency and facilitating policy dialogue to avoid future market instability (see closing remarks).