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Extraordinary meeting of the AMIS Rapid Response Forum

05 Mar 2022

In view of the abrupt escalation of developments in the Black Sea region, the AMIS Chair, Ms. Adriana Herrera of Mexico, convened an extraordinary meeting of the AMIS Rapid Response Forum on 5 March, 2022. The objective of the meeting was to to review the risks and possible implications of this crisis for global food markets and to discuss with AMIS participants appropriate follow-up actions in the framework of AMIS.

Meeting participants agreed on following statement: In line with the agreed mandate of the G20 Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS), we agree to continue sharing reliable data and information on global food market developments and stress the importance of ensuring the smooth functioning of global food markets, including through avoiding any measures that would disrupt global food trade and negatively affect global food security.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, European Union, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Russian Federation, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine, and the United States as well as FAO, IFPRI, IGC, OECD, WFP and WTO.