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AMIS Market Monitor

last release: April 2017

Policy Developments

  • On 9 March, Egypt increased the procurement price for wheat from EGP 450 per ardeb (USD 17.06 per tonne) to EGP 555-575 per ardeb (USD 21.05-21.81 per tonne). The procurement season will run from 15 April to 15 July 2017. Furthermore, EGP 16 billion (USD 910.16 million) were allocated to the procurement of 4 million tonnes of wheat.
  • On 22 March, Egypt extended the acceptable level of moisture content in imported wheat from 13 to 13.5 percent until November 2017.
  • On 28 March, India reinstated the 10 percent on wheat imports, which had been removed on 8 December 2016.  
  • On 16 March, the Kano State Governor in Nigeria approved NGN 50 million (USD 163,677) interest- free loan in favour of local wheat farmers. 
  • On 30 March, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation proposed to cut wheat intervention prices for the 2017/18 (July/June) season. If approved by the anti-monopoly regulator, intervention prices will be set at RUB 12,500 (USD 216.26) for a tonne of first grade wheat; RUB 11,500 (USD 198.96) per tonne of second grade wheat; RUB 10,300 (USD 178.20) for a tonne of third grade wheat; RUB 9,000 (USD 155.70) per tonne of fourth grade wheat; and RUB 7,600 (USD 131.48) for fifth grade wheat.
  • On 31 March, the South African Government lowered the wheat import tariff from ZAR 1,591 per tonne to ZAR 1,190 per tonne.