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last release: July 2019

Policy Developments

  • On 19 June, Canada notified the WTO of a proposal to establish new maximum residue limits for inorganic arsenic in polished (white) and husked (brown) rice of 0.2 and 0.35 ppm respectively. Comments on the proposed measure can be made until 27 August 2019 (G/SPS/N/CAN/1250).
  • On 19 June, Cambodia and China signed an agreement to enhance storage capacity in Cambodia for exports of paddy and milled rice to China. Warehouses with 827 000 tonnes capacity and silos that can dry 13 000 tonnes per day will be built in 11 provinces.
  • On 3 June, Japan notified the WTO of a proposal to establish pesticide residue limits of 0.01 ppm for Cyclopyrimorate in brown rice (G/SPS/N/JPN/643).