First meeting of the Rapid Response Forum

11 April 2012, Mexico City

This first meeting of the AMIS Rapid Response Forum reviewed and finalized the Rapid Response Forum Concept Paper, considered the market situation and outlook for the AMIS commodities and elected the new AMIS Chair.

The field of competence of the Rapid Response Forum, composed by Senior Officials from countries participating in AMIS, according to its Terms of Reference “is designed to promote early discussion among decision-level officials about abnormal international market conditions to encourage the coordination of policies and the development of common strategies. In particular, it:

i. promotes early information exchange and discussion on crisis prevention and responses among policy-makers;

ii. assists in mobilizing wide and rapid political support for appropriate policy response and actions on issues affecting agricultural production and markets in times of crisis, without seeking to influence humanitarian responses; and

iii. briefs and maintains a two-way dialogue with the Secretariat and the Bureau of the Committee of World Food Security on the deliberations of the Forum.