Workshop participants

Participants during the workshop

Mr. Joseph Y. Dela Cruz, National Food Authority, The Philippines, explaining measurement issues and potential data collection strategies for crop cutting

Members of the Thai delegation discussing areas for methodological improvements and training

Improving Rice Data in Thailand and the Philippines

Joint national workshop, 16-17 December 2013

Bangkok, Thailand

Within the framework of the AMIS capacity building project on “Strengthening Agricultural Market Information in Thailand and the Philippines”, a joint national workshop was organized with both target countries. After identifying good practices, gaps, and possible improvements, the workshop provided an important opportunity to agree on priority activities and specific objectives to be achieved through the project.

The workshop also allowed countries to learn from each other and benefit from existing knowledge. For example, Thailand’s experiences in conducting crop cutting surveys offered interesting insights for the Philippines that is currently not engaged in this type of data collection. Conversely, the Philippines’ elaborate system of estimating stocks offered many ideas for potential improvement in Thailand.