Participants of the 5th Session of the AMIS Global Food Market Information Group

Opening ceremony with Mexican Secretary of Agriculture, Mr Enrique Martinez (center)

Discussions between Ukraine and the AMIS Secretariat

Ms Karen Schneider of Australia, AMIS Chair

Fifth meeting of the Global Food Market Information Group

20-21 May 2014, Mexico City

The fifth meeting of the Global Food Market Information Group was held over two days. 

20 May: The first day of the meeting concentrated on updating delegates on the work carried out by the Secretariat in establishing supply and demand balances for AMIS crops. Panel discussions were held on international commodity benchmarks and producer prices and on estimating cereal use for feed.

21 May: The meeting heard about Research initiatives by AMIS participating countries and partners and discussed policy developments while the Secretariat presented its recently-constructed online policy database. delegates also discussed new initiatives on capacity building, including the Visiting Exchange Programme for national focal points.